We had a touch of extra space on our newest Stainless Steel Plate and decided to try out a set of Beadlocks, designed to fit the popular Jada "Just Trucks" Diecast wheels.

One set of (4) four beadlocks.

In doing the display photos, the beadlocks are attached with super glue to the wheel.  

Recommended attachment directions:

1. Remove the tire from the wheel (it will come off fairly easily).

2. Use a Dremel or Rotary Tool (a sanding block or file will work as well), and sand back the rim of the wheel slighly.  This will make the beadlock recessed into the tire and give a nice look.  We recommend sanding it back far enough so the face of the wheel is flat, and is no longer curved.

3. Clip one beadlock off of the fret using a hobby knife or Xuron Shears, and glue to to the rim, being careful to center it before the glue sets up.

4. Once the glue is dry, pop the tire back on the wheel over the top of the beadlock.

5. Repeat with the other 3 wheels.

6. Enjoy your awesome beadlocks!

Will fit the following trucks:

Bronco - #14020-W2
Bronco Rollcage - #14020-W4
Cheyenne - #14020-W1
Cheyenne - #14020-W3
Cheyenne - #14020-W3S
Escalade EXT - #14020-W4
Excursion - #14020-W2
F-100 Pickup - #14020-W1
F-100 Pickup - #14020-W3
F-100 Pickup - #14020-W3S
F-150 SVT Raptor - #14020-W1
F-150 SVT Raptor - #14020-W3
F-150 SVT Raptor - #14020-W3S
F-150 SVT Raptor - #14020-W4
F-350 Pickup - #14020-W1
F-350 Pickup - #14020-W3S
Hummer H1 - #14020-W1
Hummer H1 - #14020-W3
Hummer H1 - #14020-W3S
Hummer H2 - #14020-W2
Ram 1500 Pickup - #14020-W2
Silverado Dooley - #14020-W1
Silverado Dooley - #14020-W3
Silverado Dooley - #14020-W3S
Stepside - #14020-W4
Suburban - #14020-W2
Tundra - #14020-W2
Tundra - #14020-W4

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DM072 - [1:64] - Truck Beadlocks - Type 1

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