Beadlock Diameters - 0.318 "

What can I say, beadlocks have always been a mainstay of Dirt Modeler. 

Hot Wheels Real Riders were a perfect cantidate to get a line of Beadlocks to fit them.

This set of 3 different style of beadlocks will fit the SMALL size of Real Rider wheels.  

Real Riders seem to come in three different sizes, which we've dubbed simply small, medium, and large. 

The design of the wheel 'innards" change from wheel to wheel, but there seems to be only 3 different diameters of wheel.

Before you glue the beadlock into place, do a test fit.  If the beadlock seems to stick out more than you wish, use a file, emery board, or sandpaper on a flat surface to file the wheel rim back to get the beadlock to sit "lower" in the tire.

We recommend taking the tire off of the wheel before gluing the beadlock into place, then slip the tire on after the glue is dry.

Attach to the wheel rim using Super Glue/Crazy Glue or Epoxy depending on your preference.

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DM204 - [1:64] - Drag Beadlocks - For Real Riders - Small

  • $3.95

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