Easily and inexpensively upgrade the look of your custom with Steelie Inserts.

Enough inserts for 2 cars. (8 inserts, and 8 backers)

Also included:  Spacers for setting your desired offset between the DD8 wheel and the insert. 

Stack them as desired between the wheel and insert.

What are they?

  • Steelie Inserts are decorative photoetched wheel centers designed to fit inside of the basic Hot Wheels DD8 Steelie Wheel. 
  • DD8 Wheels come in three different sizes, which I’ve separated into simply Small, Medium, and Large.
  • The initial release of Steelie Inserts are for the Small sized wheel.

Please Note - The less material there is on an insert, the more delicate it is

    Take caution with very finely spoked versions of Steelie Inserts. 
To insure insure success, keep it in mind when clipping them off the fret (the metal frame it is attached to) and filing off the tab from the part.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Drill out your cast to remove the body.
  2. Cut the stock axles from their retainer clips, and then cut the axle shaft in half. 
  3. Once the axle is cut into two halves, you can pull the wheels from the axles.  Keep both the wheels and axles.
  4. Using a 1/16” drill bit, drill out the axle channel (the place where the stock axles sat) on the base of your car to accept a 1/16” brass tube. The brass tube will be the new way that you mount your wheels to your car. The axles will go into the hole in the tube and be glued in place.  You can also put plastic spacers under the axle tubes to lower your car beyond its stock ride height.
  5. Cut a 1/16” Brass tube to the width of your car’s base at both axles. You can cut the brass tube using a saw/grinder, or even an Xacto blade.  To cut the tube with an Xacto blade, mark where you want to cut, and roll the tube on a desk while pushing firmly down on the blade.  Keep rolling back and forth and eventually, the blade will cut through the wall of the tube.  You may need to open up the hole by inserting a pin into it, or sanding/filing the end of the tube.  The cutting process can reduce the hole size.
  6. Glue the tube to your car base (chassis) using super glue or epoxy.
  7. Now is when the Steelie Inserts come in.  You want to create a stack of items on the axle, from the outside (where the head of the pin is) in.  Starting with any optional Wheel Knockoffs (DM228) and spacers, then your Steelie Insert and desired spacers, any optional brake rotors (DM227) or wheel backer, then your DD8 Wheel. 
  8. Take the whole assembly, and insert the axle pin into the brass tube and glue into place.
  9. Repeat for the other wheels.

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DM225 - [1:64] - Steelie Wheel Inserts - Type 15

  • $3.95

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