New for 2013.

In an effort to support easier use of Scale Hardware supplies, we have created a whole line of products specifically designed to fit them.

This particular set is for 1.1mm Scale Hardware brand Hex Bolts.  

Included in this set is 156 Washers in 3 different sizes.

Quality etched in .010" Stainless Steel for long lasting durabilty and strength.

Dimensions for these washers is as follows:
Small -  OD: 0.074" - ID: .046"
Medium - OD: 0.086" - ID: .046"
Large - OD: 0.114" - ID: .046"
Tolerances are stated by my Photoetch Manufacturer as +/- .0005"

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DM138 - Stainless Steel PE Round Washer Set - For 1.1mm Bolts - .010" Thick

  • $6.75

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